Email Header Analysis Technique to Cope Up With Email Threatening Issues

Email header analysisEmail headers are treated as most important part of emails because; headers are designed with a proper structure to keep entire details about emails. Basically, email headers help to find out suspect email addresses via tracking exact IP address. Emails from distinct email clients like Outlook, Exchange, IncrediMail, Mozila Thunderbird etc can easily examined via email header previewing and to do the same, MailXaminer is playing brilliant role. This tool permits to perform email header analysis after instant search of requested emails from PST, OST, EDB and 7 more file formats. After winding up email analysis, this application offers facility to view an email in HTML code, Header format, MIME format, etc so, one can easily process email examination without any issue.

analysis email header        Email Header Analyzer Tool

Why Users Rely On Process to Analysis Email Header

For proper tracking of SPAM mails as well as stopping such emails can only possible when you are able to examine email headers easily. To stop or restrict virus-laden e-mail you need to know from where the email is sent and at which end the email received. The Received tag of email header makes you confident that the origin from where the email is leaked will be the same as mentioned in Received tag. To, From, and all such tags can easily forged via anyone who better know technicalities of the particular email client.

Oftentimes, when you have received spam mails or mails loaded with viruses then, you cannot trust on headers' details as well. At such situations, you need to rely on a powerful solution having reliable abilities for email header analysis.

MailXaminer Solution to Perform Entire Investigation Of Emails

Forensic search emails along with investigation can easily perform with our MailXaminer software that not only permits to perform email header analysis as well as facilitates to examine emails within distinct views.

On the other hand, this application is added with facility to analyze contacts as well. Like ability to view emails into different viewing options, you can view contacts into normal contact view, attachment view, and properties vie. So, you can perform email header analysis along with contacts analysis via using single application.