Enterprise Forensic Software A Flawless Rescuer from Cyber Crimes

Enterprise Forensic SoftwareEnterprise forensic software applications are becoming a hit amongst a lot of users as well as Cyber Investigation Organizations because of the rise in misuse of confidential information via emails or sites. Email ID's are considered as one of the significant and dependable source of contacting someone but these days it isn't as safe as it is considered by us. A rise in the number of experts great at committing cyber crimes has been experienced which has been posing potential threats to security measures of your emails, confidential data or details stored on corporate website, or within an email account etc. Hence, applications like our Forensic tool have taken the lead in order to break apart the issues involved with the phishing, modifying, an email or interfering with its contents offering analysis forensic email.


A Scenario For Instance

This is one of the real time scenarios which has been extracted from the internet where a company has described how their email account details got misused by an unauthorized user with a wrong intension. Reportedly, the unknown email had been sent using the CEO of one of the organization's portfolio company promising to offer plaintiff a huge amount of warrants as consideration towards the fundraising activities without any execution conditions applied. And in addition to it, if it is unchallenged, it would cut away the company's position.

The situation is a result of phishing of confidential account information which had been stolen via the use of techniques used for unauthorized access an account. You can perform cyber email investigation to get to the culprit of such situations.

Solution for Such Situation

In the aforementioned situations, you can find out if the email has been sent by the original sender or from a different source. A via enterprise forensic software application to examine emails can crack such a situation leading you to the culprit behind the circumstance

s you have to face.

  • Forensic software is one such email examiner application that you can bank upon to search email evidence accurately. The application is an expert at extracting the header information of an email message which is quite helpful for leading you to the culprit of the situation.
  • You can easily discover the IP that had been used while sending the email message via your account in fact, you can even see if any of the header details have been modified or so.