HTML Email Analyzer The Way to Find From Where Data Is Theft

Examine Email HeaderThose who have enjoyed sending and receiving emails into HTML format may not have knowledge about hidden culprits having expertise to send viruses or unwanted content into mails through HTML emails. There are various computer users who have expertise to track information from others' computer and to do this, HTML file format plays the role of cunning way. HTML email analyzer from a reputed brand is helpful to analyze emails that someone is accessing your emails or not. Forensic software is one of sly ways to perform email investigation without wastage of time. Different views are offered by this tool to examine emails without any failure.


How HTML Keeps Track Of Sender/Receiver And Much More?

HTML emails are easy to send as well as receive moreover you can find that if you send an email to someone else then, he/she opened it or not. The person clicked on specific web link you mentioned into email or he/she want to subscribe or unsubscribe you. Can you imagine that few lines of HTML codes within an email make you comfortable to find necessary information? Yes it is true but, side effects for the same can also not avoided because as the boom in technology raised, in the same manner culprits have spread their wings in the entire arena and emailing is also not safe from such annoying thieves.

A Real-time Issue with a Newsletter Professional

In a newsletter firm you can easily subscribe yourself to get emails into your mailboxes. Most of the times, newsletter professional do not keep track of all those who have listed into subscriber list. In this scenario, the entire newsletter system was maintained with HTML formatting. The HTML design was too fancy and one of the subscribers made it corrupt via some non-professional HTML codes. The newsletter professional has never added the email tracking code into HTML email so that he was unable to find person who threatened emails.

The Helpful Source to View HTML Source of Email

HTML email analyzer with name Forensic tool helped newsletter professional for effective email examination to find the culprit who damaged entire HTML code. With instant email search, email examination, and extraction of emails as evidences one can easily get the exact information from where the email is sent. The proper email tracking system of this tool is very strong due to multiple views. Those who want to examine email header can also enjoy the services of this email examination tool.